The purchase of custom photography is an investment.  It may not seem so right now, but as time passes we all look at portraits and photos to remind us of time past. That is what a photograph is - a frozen moment. It's a  tangible record of a certain time in your life that was there for an instant, but now it's gone.  Look at it that way and photos are priceless. 

You need to trust in the person who captures those moments. You need assurance they know what they are doing.

I am certainly not the least expensive photographer you will find, but neither am I the most expensive.  But you can trust I will deliver images that you might not get from another photographer.

Whatever amount you spend, shouldn't you get quality photos that you are proud of? Choose wisely.  Get the best.

I will not let you down.

I do have a price catalog I can share and go over with you if you are interested in working with me. I will give you the best photography you will find at a price I think you will like.

To view the Senior Signature Pricing Catalog, please right click the link below and select “download linked file” or “save link as"

Download Senior Pricing Catalog

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